Karyn and Luke

Derek Alvarez, Karyn and Luke, iPad Drawing using Skecthbook Pro, 2015

This portrait is of Karyn Garvin and her dog, Luke. Karyn is the owner of Karyn’s Divine Dog Training and Luke is a huge inspiration to her. Apparently, I did a great job capturing Luke right off the bat, but I had to make a few revisions to please Karyn (although if Luke could talk, […]

Sunflowers (Ode to Van Gogh)

Derek Alvarez, Sunflowers, iPad Drawing using Skecthbook Pro, 2015

I’ve decided to do a series of flower still-life paintings where they are sitting on a table and have an open window with a view of a beautiful landscape behind them and maybe some other elements thrown in to make a good composition. When I think of sunflowers, I think of Van Gogh and my […]