Butrint Tower at Dusk

Derek Alvarez, Butrint Tower at Dusk, Hand Painted on the iPad using Procreate, 2018

I started this painting the day before my wife went into labor with our third child and had a stillbirth… it was hard for me to even look at it for almost 3 weeks afterwards, but then I remembered the joy I felt in starting it and I brought back the joy to finish it. The scene is a tower on a lake at Butrint National Park, near Ksamil, Albania. Butrint is a World Heritage Site and one of my favorite places I’ve been… it is so peaceful and I have a great memory of taking my boys there for a father/son day. Now, whenever I paint a light source, I think of my angel baby girl, and I see her light shining from this tower. The tower is closed to me now, but one day I will enter and we will reunite.

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