Ruins of Lopud, Croatia through the Trees

Derek Alvarez, Ruins of Lopud, Croatia through the Trees, Hand Painted on the iPad using Procreate, 2018

This painting is inspired by a boat trip we took from Dubrovnik, Croatia to the island of Lopud… there is a park there that has some ruins and the clearing of the trees created a spotlight on the ruins that looked really cool. The tour guide had stories about pirates and Venetian barons, and even Maoris(!) coming to this island over the centuries.

This painting is about the sense of discovery as you walk along this path in a shaded park and see this old building peaking through the trees just around the corner. On the outside of the building, there was a sculpture head that looked like something the Maoris would have made, and it is said to bite down on whoever puts their hand in and doesn’t tell the truth… is it true that Maoris traveled to this island? I’m not sure, but the mysteries of the world never cease to amaze!

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