Walled City by the Sea, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Derek Alvarez, Walled City by the Sea, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Hand Painted on the iPad using Procreate, 2018

This painting is inspired by a walk we took along the wall in Dubrovnik, Croatia… a tad pricey, as I recall, but so worth it. I took a million photos, some of which stand on their own as works of art, but this one I felt I could improve upon as a painting. I love how the wall leads you out to the horizon and you can get a sense of what invaders were up against when they entered by sea.

This painting is also about achieving texture on such a glossy surface… my iPad and then when it is printed on metal. A lot of detail went into the buildings, but I also simplified things as much as I could at the same time… it’s that push and pull that challenges and excites me with every painting.

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