Winter Church Towers, Sarajevo

Derek Alvarez, Winter Church Towers, Sarajevo, Hand Painted on the iPad using Procreate, 2018

I’m not a big fan of snow or cold, but my wife convinced me to visit Sarajevo for a change of pace after our daughter was a stillbirth… up until now, I’ve been looking back to our summer in Ksamil and Saranda, Albania for my inspiration because I’ve been trying to recapture those happy moments in the sun. Well, I’ve finally become inspired by the snow… a view of the Sacred Heart Cathedral lit up at night.

I’m more spiritual than religious because there is too much hypocrisy and violence in organized religion for me… I do believe there was a man named Jesus, but too many people have twisted his message. What inspires me about Jesus are the stories of how loving and kind he was, even to the least among us… when I see a beautiful church, these are the inspirations and the hope that come to mind.

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